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Kashmir’s Pays tribute to Gawkadal Massacre Martyrs, Demands to release Zargar.


Senior Resistance leader, Jammu and Kashmir salvation movement chairman Zaffar Akber Bhat remembers Gawkadal Massacre while paying rich and glowing tributes to Gawkadal Massacre martyrs Zaffar said On 21 January 1990, In brutal ,barbaric and horrified massacre 52 innocent, unarmed civilians were brutally killed in cold blooded murder, more than 200 sustained serious bullet injuries, Zaffar while remembering Gawkadal Massacre, said such massacres symbolizes callousness under the garb of Armed forces special powers act.

Senior Resistance leader, Jammu & Kashmir Salvation Movement Chairman Zaffar Akber Bhat-www.thedemocrate.com

Zaffar said people and leadership is indebted to martyrs who laid down their precious blood, lives for sacred gaol and cause. Zaffar said this massacre was followed by massacres at Zakura, Khanyar, Bijbehra, Handwara and Kupwara where hundreds of civilians killed by forces with impunity, Zaffar said , Gawkadal Massacre was aimed at paving the way for Kashmiri Pandits’ exodus from Kashmir’,said, that the conspiracy of Kashmiri Pandits exodus was hatched by the then Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Jagmohan’, Zaffar Akbar urged International Human Rights Organization, bodies and international forum’s to set up an International Independent Tribunal to probe the Gawkadal Massacre, so that Criminals, Murderer’s and perpetrators of this heinous crime should be unmasked and punished under International law and justice can be don Zaffar said the best way to pay the homage to the martyrs is to keep their Mission alive and show steadfastness towards resistance struggle,,

ZaffarAkber asked for the whereabouts of Siraj-ud-Din Farooqi brother-in-law of Liberation commander Mushtaq Ahmad Zargar was subjected to enforced disappearance by forces on 22 January 1990 Till this day his whereabouts are not known. Similarly, thousands of Kashmiris have been subjected to disappearance by forces, Zaffar said lingering Kashmir issue has resulted in the more than 10000 enforced disappearances, Zaffar further stated that the family and kiths and kins are wandering from pillar to post for seeking the whereabouts of their loves ones, We have thousands of half widows and orphans waiting for the day when their pain and agony will end. It is a great human tragedy that they are not in position to declare them dead or alive,Zaffar Akbar denounced continuous detention of Adil Zargar and Dawood Zarger, Adil Zargar son of Sairaj ud din Farooqi , Zaffer demands immediate release of Adil Zargar and Dawood Zarger, said we are indebted to great and unparalleled sacrifices of zarger family for sacred gaol and cause.”


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