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Action Plan for Stoppage of Wrong Billing being prepared, Losses and To Improve Recovery


A meeting with representatives of WAPDA Hydro Electric Workers Union (CBA) was held to discuss resolution of various issues faced by staff/labour at Wapda House Lahore. The discussions lasted for well over 7 hours and almost 64 demands of the CBA were deliberated upon threadbare. For the first time, all CEOs of the DISCOs also participated in this marathon session so that the issues could be resolved in a comprehensive manner with collective wisdom of all stakeholders.

During the meeting it was noted that mostly the demands of the CBA are genuine and need serious consideration for effective resolution. It was also observed that in case all of these demands are affirmatively resolved, it will massively increase financial burden on the DISCOs. Hence, it was expressed that due to poor financial health of the DISCOs, it is not an opportune time to place these demands before the PEPCO Board for approval despite a strong desire of the management to resolve all these issues


To resolve this predicament, it was agreed that Union Office Bearers and CEOs of DISCOs will jointly prepare a concrete action plan within one weekwhich will facilitate the management and the labour union to totally stop the wrong billing, eliminate difference between units received and units sold and improve the billing recovery with an aim to improve the financial health of DISCOs. The successful implementation of jointly agreed plan within next three months will certainly improve the financial health of DISCOs and accordingly all of the demands of the CBA will then be presented before the PEPCO BOD for consideration with full support.

Managing Director PEPCO Musaddiq Ahmed Khan also expressed his intention that all CEOs of DISCOs would be invited in that BOD meeting for fully and effectively presenting the demands of Labour Union before the PEPCO Board. It was also pointed out that in the past only staff members were held guilty and made scapegoat in different inquiries. It was decided that in future the concerned officer, irrespective of level, shall be held responsible for any wrong doings under rules.

PEPCO has also directed to all CEOs of DISCOs to assign Circles to Chief Engineers/GMs working in respective DISCOs who would then be responsible for the performance of the assigned Circles. Besides that, during the monthly Performance Review Meetings, worst performing three SDOs, two XENs, one SE, one Chief Engineer/GM in each DISCO and one CEO will be identified and closely monitored in subsequent reviews. In case these officers concerned failed to improve their performance during three consecutive months, action shall be taken against them under the rules. At the same time, those Chief Engineers who demonstrate worthwhile improvement in the Circles assigned to them for monitoring will stand out among peers for future placement at positions of higher responsibility.


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