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Tarbela 4th extension Power Project 94.88 Completed.

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As much as 94.88 percent work have been completed on the Tarbela 4th extension Power Project so far and its first unit (470 MW) will start generation on February 25. Talking to Pakistan official News Agency  APP ,  Former Tarbela Project Director Shoail Khan said, “Over all physical work on the project has reached at 91.88 percent so far.” Dry testing would be conducted on January 25 while wet testing


would start on January 26, he said. He said that the 2nd unit (470 MW) would start generation by April 25, followed by third unit (470 MW) on May 30, he said. He said that the project would cost $920 million and additional 1410 MW cheaper hydel electricity would be generated. Sohail Khan said that the World Bank had provided $840 million for the project while Water and Power Development Authority arranged the remaining $80 million. He said that three units of 470 MW each were being installed at the power house which would enhance the total electricity generation to 4888 MW from the existing 3478 MW.

Dilating upon the benefits of the project, he said that the project having three units of 470MW each would produce 3,840GWh of cheap hydropower at a time when electricity needs would be at peak in hot and humid weather.

Annual benefits of the project have been estimated at around Rs30.7 billion. The project will pay back its cost in just three years.
Another milestone near completion. Congratulations Team Pakistan. Sohail Shah


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