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Available to SC if Hon CJ enquires about Indus Waters Treaty and it’s Implementation. JA Shah

Recent News about the Indus Commissioner’s Appointment and shifting of office from Lahore to Islamabad- My request to Media for restrains and counter check. Syed Jamait Ali Shah


The various news appeared in the Print Media are being maneuvered by Mr. Sheraz Jamil Memon who is holding the post of Joint Commissioner in the office of Pakistan Commissioner for Indus Waters, located at 4 Lytton Road Lahore.


Being an incompetent engineer/officer and money greedy, Mr Memon has already been convicted by the Enquiry Committee for theft of over ten minion rupees, which he had to pay back to the office of PCIW during the tenure of Mirza Asif Baig, who has recently retired. A few more enquiries by fudging to gain monetary benefits are in the pipeline which are likely to be referred by the new Ministry of Water Resources to the Establishment Division, Islamabad. Putting my signatures by fudging on his ACRs of 2009 and 2010 were also reported to the concerned Secretaries in the Ministry of Water and Power, Islamabad in addition to Chairman FPSC and the Establishment Division. All his such sins are known by the agencies monitoring the departments of sensitive nature in Pakistan. Due to such mean actions Mr, Memon has been debarred for further promotion as has been stated in the last Summary at Para 2 (as has been also reported in an English Newspaper today) sent to the PM by the Ministry of Water Resources as to accord approval for Additional Charge of PCIW to Mr, Mehr Ali Shah who is a Joint Secretary Water Wing in the Ministry. Since he can be promoted, he has tried to malign the undersigned, Mirza Asif Baig and previous Federal Secretaries which is out of norms and is liable to taking legal action.

I may suggest that the Hon Chief Justice may take sue moto action on this and decide the matter once for all that who did wrong and if not why this propaganda. I shall be join such proceedings if called by the CJ. Such filthy news are tarnishing image of our dedicated officers who have worked with honesty and dedication.

Mr Memon is misguiding media about the undersigned that I was removed from services by the Government in 2010, whereas it is contrary to the facts. I was made OSD because of a conflict with the then Special Assistant to the PM (SAPM) Mr. Kamal Majid Ullah), who wanted Lawyers in the case of Kishenganga from UK, which I opposed being not on merit and having no experience in dealing with Water Law cases. I retired in 2011 at the age of superannuation and is a Govt. Pensioner.

Since I am abroad these days, and would be back in Pakistan by the end of June this year, I will be available at phone: 0300-8460674 to reply any question(s) or to interact with media at my residence in Canal City, Multan Road, Lahore.

However, presently I can be reached at Phone/WhatsApp at number 001-289-685-8600.

From: Syed Jamait Ali Shah, Ex Commissioner Indus Waters, GOP

Contact: 001-289-685-8600 (till end of June 2018) afterwards, in Pakistan 0300=8460674

E Mail: jamait@hotmail.com

Dated: 13th Feb, 2018



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